Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why is a supposedly pro-Labour Twitter group sharing George Osborne's anti-Labour propaganda?

The #FBPE hashtag on Twitter started off as a pro-EU movement on the continent, but it's clearly morphed into a radical anti-Corbyn, anti-Labour rallying cry in the UK.

People who use the #FBPE hashtag repeatedly claim to be opposing Brexit, but a scroll through the latest #FBPE hashtags at any time usually reveals hardly any Tweets criticising Theresa May, but dozens of comments attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, despite the fact that Labour actually voted against Theresa May's hard-right and profoundly anti-democratic EU Withdrawal Bill.

Why would anyone who opposes Brexit spend more time attacking the party in opposition that is at least trying to moderate the shambolic hard-right Brexit that Theresa May is pushing, rather than criticising the Tories who are actually in power and pushing this extremist interpretation of the Brexit vote?

There seem to be three main camps within the anti-Corbyn #FBPE campaign.

  • The most obvious are the ever-cynical Lib-Dems, who see creating divisions within Labour as their best chance of scratching together a few extra votes in the vain hope that people will have forgotten how their wilful collusion with ruinous Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented wage repression policies created the wave of public anger that made Brexit possible in the first place.
  • Possibly the largest component of the anti-Corbyn #FBPE mob are the politically clueless. They're not blaming the opposition rather than the government and spreading blatant lies about Labour on purpose. They're just genuinely clueless people who are shockingly naive about the reality of the situation. They simply don't care that Labour voted against the Tories' anti-democratic EU Withdrawal Bill, and they simply don't care that the "sore loser" cancel Brexit position they want Labour to adopt would render Labour totally unelectable (like the Lib-Dems at the 2017 General Election) and actually end up being a massive gift to the Tory Brextremists who are the ones who are actually imposing Brexit!
In this article I'm going to look at one extraordinary Tweet from a group calling itself Labour Against Brexit to illustrate the shockingly naivety that abounds in this third #FBPE demographic of politically clueless people.

The first thing to note about this extraordinary Tweet is that it legitimises hard-right Tory austerity dogma by presenting it as an unavoidable consequence of any post-Brexit economic crisis.

It doesn't matter a jot to these people that Tory austerity dogma has spectacularly failed over the last eight years, they just see the threat of more of it as convenient propaganda to fear-monger with.

The reality of the situation is that the pre-Corbyn incarnation of Labour made Brexit possible in 2015 with their strategically inept failure to oppose ruinous Tory austerity dogma head on.

Had Labour harnessed the public anger at the disastrous consequences of Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented campaign of wage repression, they could have won the 2015 General Election. But instead they squandered it with their austerity-lite strategy, and thus allowed UKIP and the hard-right fringe of the Tory party to co-opt the public anger at the consequences of hard-right economics by blaming the consequences of Tory right-wing extremism on immigrants and the EU instead.

Despite losing an easily winnable election as a consequence of the woeful austerity-lite strategy devised by the likes of Ed Balls and Chris Leslie, and allowing the hard-right to co-opt public anger against austerity in order to drive the Brexit vote, it's clear that there are many within the Labour Party who still actually believe in austerity dogma!

Another thing to note about this extraordinary Tweet is the source material. The current editor of the Evening Standard is George Osborne, the former Tory Chancellor who was the man responsible for the implementation of austerity dogma for six ruinous years!

So here you have a man who was clearly and undeniably responsible for six years of economically devastating hard-right austerity dogma, who is now using his propaganda rag to pin the blame for future Tory austerity onto Labour!

This is the man who tried to dress austerity dogma up as a good thing for six ruinous years now using his propaganda rag to attack Labour by trying to hold them responsible for Tory Brexit, the Tory post-Brexit meltdown, and any future Tory decision to use this meltdown as an excuse to impose even more of his ruinous hard-right austerity dogma!

And them when you look at who the author of the piece is, it's none other than Chris Leslie, one of the clueless Labour right-wingers in the 2015 Labour shadow cabinet who gave George Osborne such an easy ride by meekly imitating his hard-right austerity dogma, rather than confronting it head on.

After chucking the 2015 General Election with their inept austerity-lite strategy Chris Leslie and his ilk should have resigned in shame, but instead here he is scrawling anti-Labour pro-austerity propaganda in George Osborne's propaganda rag for the Tories to use as a hard-right wedge strategy to attack the current Labour leadership with!

The worst thing isn't that pro-austerity right-wingers are colluding to use such a ridiculously cynical piece of concern trolling to attack the current anti-austerity Labour leadership (such dishonest and manipulative propaganda is bread and butter to the Tories and the ever duplicitous Labour right), it's that this brazen propaganda has actually been picked up and recycled by a supposedly pro-Labour group!

The Evening Standard article is clearly hard-right concern trolling, because the editor who commissioned it is Mr Austerity Dogma himself, and the author is one of the hard-right pro-austerity Berserkers still embedded within the Labour Party.

Yet the shockingly clueless people behind the Labour Against Brexit page have uncritically lapped it up and Tweeted it out to their followers as if it's a genuine critique of Labour's Brexit stance, rather than a deliberate right-wing wedge strategy designed to split the Labour Party, present ideological austerity as an unquestionable response to economic crises, and allow the Tories to carry on ruling in the interests of their mega-rich donors with as little opposition as possible.

It would obviously not be Labour's fault if the Tory Brextremists get their way and trigger an economic meltdown with their extremist version of Brexit, then the Tory government uses this self-made crisis as an excuse to impose even more destructive hard-right austerity dogma on the British economy.

However it is increasingly difficult to see how Labour could ever govern efficiently when the party is infested by people who are ideologically wedded to the hard-right theory that more austerity dogma is the only conceivable response to an economic crisis, and so gullible that they can't even spot right-wing divide and conquer concern trolling tactics, even when it's been published in a newspaper edited by the former Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer!

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Hours after legislating to starve children of the working poor Tories gorged themselves on a luxury banquet

On the evening of Wednesday February 7th 2018 Tory MPs enjoyed a lavish banquet at their Black and White fundraiser event for the assortment of amoral millionaires and billionaires who bankroll their despicable party.

Tables at the event sold for up to £15,000, Tory MPs auctioned themselves off in a sickening "cash for access raffle", and Theresa May delighted the crowd with her extremist rhetoric about how she's on a mission to "defeat socialism" (which obviously entails destruction of the socialist NHS).

Just hours before this grotesque display of opulence, the Tory party sneaked a piece of legislation through parliament designed to confiscate free school meals from the children of the working-poor.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the devastating consequences of Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented campaign of wage repression will be familiar with the shocking rises in child poverty and in-work poverty since the Lib-Dems enabled the Tories back into power in 2010.

As a result of the longest sustained collapse in the real value of UK workers' wages things are now so bad that an astounding 67% of the children growing up in poverty actually live in working households.

The Tories have no sympathy whatever for the human catastrophe they've created, and they've decided to deny free school meals to children whose parents earn more than a paltry £7,400 per year.

Just imagine earning a paltry £617 and being told that you're too rich for your kids to be provided with a free school meal.

The Tories knew that such a move would cause uproar if they tried to pass a specific piece of legislation through parliament to bring in these changes, so they did it via a Statutory Instrument so as to avoid the hassle of parliamentary debates, votes, and press coverage.

Just imagine how mercilessly self-serving these Tory MPs are that they can legislate to starve the children of the working poor in the morning, then rush off to stuff themselves at a lavish black tie dinner in the evening, without even a thought for the anguish and suffering they're inflicting on these poor kids and their families.

Just imagine being a millionaire/billionaire who can afford to blast £15,000 on a single meal, deciding to donate to a political party that has just legislated to deny free school meals to the children of those who earn way less than £15,000 in an entire year.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Tory Brextremist Daniel Hannan is absolutely crap at lying

The Tory MP Daniel Hannan is a profoundly dishonest Brextremist. In this article I'm going to analyse just one of his Tweets to demonstrate what a spectacularly untrustworthy propagandist he is.

On February 8th 2018 Hannan Tweeted this graph from the Bank of England to illustrate his claim that real wages are rising. He also included a claim that the pound has recovered back to where it was before the EU referendum.

As you can see from the picture, over three hundred impressionable people liked this Tweet, and it was Retweted over 170 times, but it hardly takes any work to establish that both of the claims he makes in the Tweet are outright lies.

You don't even have to resort to Google to see that the first claim about real wages being on the rise is a lie, you just have to look at the graph he's Tweeted.

What the graph shows is that wages (the blue line) are currently rising at a slower rate than inflation (the red line). This means that in real terms wages are falling because they're rising at a slower rate than the cost of living.

Hannan is such a crap liar that he has Tweeted out a picture proving that he's lying.

What the graph actually shows is the Bank of England are projecting that wages will overtake inflation at some point in mid to late 2018, which would have been OK if Hannan had explained it that way, but he didn't, he lied that wages are already rising faster than inflation.

Even if Hannan had explained that he's happy to put his faith in the economic projections that real wages are set to rise (rather than just lying), here he is just the week before dismissing negative Brexit economic forecasts as the work of "scheming quangocrats"

So if Hannan doesn't like the economic projections he describes them as a conspiracy by corrupt "quangocrats", but if he likes the economic projections he misleadingly presents than as being true now, rather than being mere economic projections.

You couldn't really ask for a clearer example of the toxic brew of confirmation bias and outright dishonesty that pervades the Tory party.

Now let's consider the meaning of the part of the graph I've highlighted here:

This period doesn't look much if you don't follow economics closely, but the part I've marked on the graph actually represents the longest sustained decline in workers' wages since records began!

This spectacular and unprecedented collapse in the value of workers' wages happened as a result of the Tory party imposing ruinous austerity dogma and extreme wage repression policies on the post-crisis economy.

If I was a member of a political party who had overseen such a catastrophic collapse in workers' wages, I certainly wouldn't be drawing attention to it by Tweeting it out in a graph!

Now we can turn our attention to Hannan's claim that the value of the pound has risen back to pre-referendum levels. 

It doesn't take much effort to Google the exchange rate between the pound and the euro, and lo and behold it's roughly 1.14€ to the pound.

The graph next to the exchange rate makes it pretty damned clear that the pound has not risen back above the pre-referendum level, but for the avoidance of doubt, here are the precise figures from the Pound Sterling Live website:

So in Daniel Hannan's world, a range between 1.122€ and 1.136€ is higher than a range between 1.284€ and 1.305€.

Either that he's just absolutely crap at lying.


Daniel Hannan is a liar.

He's such a liar that he lied twice in the same damned Tweet.

And he's such a crap liar that he included the evidence that he was telling lies in the same damned Tweet as he told the lies in!

Liars like Hannan are dangerous. Liars like Hannan prey on the gullible. He know perfectly well that his target audience has no interest in understanding the graph that he attached to the Tweet, he just put it there to add a veneer of legitimacy to his lies.

Beware of liars like Daniel Hannan.

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Theresa May has been bragging about her ideological extremism to a room full of millionaires

On the evening of Wednesday February 7th 2018 the Tory party held a lavish black tie banquet for their mega-rich donors.

The hard-right elitists who bankroll the Tory party gladly paid up to £15,000 per table for a chance to rub shoulders with Tory politicians like Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Esther McVey.

The banquet was followed by an auction in which people literally paid for access to top Tory politicians.

Beneficiaries of this "cash for access" auction paid £55,000 to spend a day with Theresa May, £30,000 for dinner with the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, and £12,000 for dinner with Michael Gove and his wife.

If splurging such extravagant mountains of cash on such trivialities in order to bolster Tory party coffers wasn't sick enough, Theresa May's speech to her inner circle of Tory politicians and mega-rich donors absolutely took the biscuit.

After crudely smearing Jeremy Corbyn as a populist for ... err ... daring to have policies that are popular with the general public, she then bragged about her own ideological extremism by explaining that she's "on a mission ... to defeat socialism".

People who can afford to splurge £15,000 on an evening can obviously afford their own private health care, so this kind of ideologically driven smash socialism rhetoric went down a treat with Theresa May's mega-rich donors, but to anyone in Britain with a grain of sense Theresa May was spewing dangerous hard-right rhetoric, because destroying socialism means destroying the NHS.

The vast majority of people in Britain are democratic socialists who want to see a balance between public and private ownership, and who value their hard-won workers' rights to stuff like paid holidays, parental leave, sick pay, and the right to take bad bosses to employment tribunals.

The statistics provide ample evidence that this is the case

Ask people if they want the NHS, schools, or police force privatised and the overwhelming majority will say no.

Ask people if they want the supermarkets, airlines, or newspapers nationalised and the majority will say no thanks to that too.

Most Brits want a mixed economy with a balance between publicly owned infrastructure and services (socialism), and a properly regulated market economy (capitalism).

But when Theresa May is promising her mega-rich donors that she's going to "defeat socialism" there's no nuance, and absolutely no room for the middle ground.

What she's bragging about is her fierce ideological determination to wreck social ownership structures and trash workers rights.

Look at May's point-blank refusal to rule out opening the NHS up to be asset stripped by massive US health corporations when she brazenly evaded a simple yes/no question at Prime Ministers Questions earlier that day.

Look at the way Theresa May whipped her MPs into voting down a Labour Party amendment to her EU Withdrawal Bill that aimed to prevent Tory ministers from using Brexit as a Trojan Horse to scrap our workers' rights.

How is it possible to see either of these things as coincidental when she's openly bragged to a room full of millionaires and billionaires about how she's on a mission to eradicate socialist public ownership structures, and the workers' rights that have been won for us by generations of socialists?

The sad thing is that swathes of the public are so easily manipulated that they actually believe that Jeremy Corbyn is some kind of radical hard-left extremist just because right-wing hacks in the mainstream media keep telling them that he is, even though he wants a centre-left balance between socialism and capitalism.

Yet when Theresa May openly brags to a room full of millionaires and billionaires about her fanatical desire to eradicate socialism (which includes the NHS, publicly owned roads, universal education, the social safety net, legal aid, 
workers' rights ...) hardly anyone in the mainstream press even bats an eyelid!

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Why won't Jacob Rees-Mogg distance himself from the Britain First hate mob?

In the wake of the scuffle at the Jacob Rees-Mogg talk (where a Rees-Mogg supporting goon who likes to dress up as a Nazi for fun waded violently into the protesters) the leader of the extreme-right Britain First hate mob issued a statement threatening to harass and intimidate anyone who dares to protest against Jacob Rees-Mogg.

This threat was followed up by a barrage of abusive, violent and threatening comments in the Britain First hate chamber against one of the anarchists who was involved in the protest against Rees-Mogg, including a direct threat to throw people like him into wood chippers, and another vile fantasy that he should be anally raped for daring to protest against Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Surprisingly Jacob Rees-Mogg didn't issue any kind of statement to distance himself from this vile hate group group (who are linked with at least two acts of extreme-right terrorism) or to condemn the threats they were making on his behalf.

It's surprising because even the UKIP leadership had the sense to periodically distance themselves from this disgusting hate-chamber, but apparently Rees-Mogg is fine with them threatening to abuse and intimidate people on his behalf.

It's been almost a week since these Britain First threats to act as Jacob Rees-Mogg's enforcement mob were issued, and despite numerous requests for comment, Rees-Mogg has still said nothing.

Take a look for yourself and ask yourself why Rees-Mogg is refusing to distance himself from this vile extreme-right hate group.

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Theresa May is on a mission to defeat the NHS

On Wednesday February 7th 2018 Theresa May was asked a point-blank yes/no question about whether she would guarantee that opening up the NHS to US health corporations would be excluded from the scope of any post-Brexit trade negotiations with the United States.

Her response was to totally evade the question with a load of lamentable bluster about "getting the best possible deal for the United Kingdom".

For a woman who seems to absolutely love drawing red lines when it comes to negotiations with the European Union, it may seem a bit odd that she's unwilling to draw a red line with the United States in order to protect the NHS.

But then later that day Theresa May had an extraordinary rant in which she claimed to be "on a renewed mission to fight and win the battle of ideas, and to defeat socialism".

The problem here is that the NHS is a fantastic working example of socialism in action because the core NHS principle of prioritising health care to those who need it the most, rather than those who can most afford to pay for it, is undeniably socialism.

So when Theresa May declares that she's on a mission to "defeat socialism", you'd have to be the worst kind of political illiterate to fail to understand that defeating socialism entails privatisation of the NHS and the abolition of the socialist policy of prioritising health care towards those who need it the most, regardless of their ability to pay.

Theresa May's express intention to "defeat socialism" and her point-blank refusal to rule out a carve-up of the NHS for the benefit of giant US health corporations are inextricably linked.

They're linked by her absolute fixation with extremely unpopular and fanatically right-wing neoliberal economic dogma.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Now we know why the Tories were so keen to hide their regional Brexit impact studies

The regional Brexit impact assessment figures that the Tory government were trying to hide have been leaked, and they spell disaster, especially for the North East, North West, West Midlands, and Northern Ireland.

The Brexit assessment looked at the regional impact of three different Brexit scenarios, a Single Market Brexit, a free trade deal, and a "no deal" reversion to World Trade Organisation rules.

In every single region it turns out that "no deal" is by far the most damaging option, ranging from a 3.5% fall in the London economy to an astounding 16% collapse in the North East.

The analysis suggests that aside from London and the South West, a "no deal" Brexit would trigger a financial collapse that is worse than the recession that followed the bankers' insolvency crisis.

The terrifying thing is that as a result of ruinous Tory austerity dogma and their unprecedented campaign of wage repression the UK still hasn't recovered from the last recession, yet the Brextremist faction of the Tory party are pushing for a "no deal" Brexit which would hit us with another, even worse recession.

The second worst scenario is a free trade deal Brexit, which would still see significant economic contraction across every single region.

The least bad option is the Single Market option which would cause a slump of between 1% in London, to 3% in the North East.

It's important to recognise that the least bad Single Market scenario is off the table as long as Theresa May and the Tories are running the negotiations for their own purposes, because they have continually ruled it out.

Whether Jeremy Corbyn and Labour could be convinced to adopt a pro-Single Market/Customs Union stance remains to be seen.* 

One of the standout things about the analysis is the way London is projected to suffer the least under every Brexit scenario, yet London voted heavily in favour of Remain, whilst some of the strongest Leave-voting areas like the North East look set to suffer the most extreme economic downturns from the Brexit they voted for.

This contrast certainly adds some more statistical weight to the Turkeys voting for Christmas narrative.

However it's not all totally clear-cut, because Wales and Scotland look set to suffer very similar levels of economic damage as a result of Brexit, despite Wales voting in favour of Brexit and Scotland voting very heavily against it.

Anyhow, the reason the Tories wanted to keep this analysis secret is beyond obvious. There's no way they can pretend that there's any economic benefit to Brexit now that their own evidence says that it would cause an economic downturn/recession in every single part of the UK.

Another reason they must have been desperate to keep this research under wraps is that it completely destroys their endlessly repeated propaganda trope that "no deal is better than a bad deal".

Their own evidence demonstrates beyond doubt that "no deal" is the worst possible deal, so they'll surely have to bin that appalling nonsense for good after this.

It's important to recognise that anyone still pushing for Brexit under these circumstances is aiming to inflict damage on the UK economy, so the onus is on them to clearly explain what it is that is so damned important that they consider it worth triggering a recession for ...

And no, blue passports (that we could have had anyway without quitting the EU) just won't cut it.

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* = If I were to give advice on how to achieve such a change of approach I'd suggest that politely pointing to the facts and evidence to request a change of Labour Party policy in order to "protect jobs and the economy" is more likely to succeed than a relentless barrage of #FBPE abuse, revisionism, misrepresentations, and lies from Lib-Dems, Tory concern trolls, and the very same people who were shrieking anti-Corbyn nonsense during the spectacularly failed chicken coup of 2016

Theresa May is crying about "abuse and intimidation" after she hired the "Enemies of the People" guy!

Theresa May is pushing hard for new laws to criminalise protest against the government by pretending that she's opposed to abuse and intimidation in public life because it constitutes a "threat to democracy".

If we think back to the fact that fake news was the last great threat to democracy the Tories were frothing about, it's deeply ironic that this latest call for a crackdown on non-violent political protest is built on the foundation of the right-wing fake news epidemic that followed the Jacob Rees-Mogg protest, which was framed as left-wing activists attacking Jacob Rees-Mogg, when in reality the violence was instigated by a Rees-Mogg supporting goon (who likes to dress up as a Nazi in his spare time) against the noisy but non-violent protesters.

Even if we ignore the fake news foundations that this latest Tory attempt to silence those who would criticise them, it's incredibly difficult to take Theresa May's sudden concerns over "threats and intimidation in public life" seriously.
  • Theresa May was the Home Secretary who sent divisive and intimidatory "Go Home" vans around ethnically diverse areas (a play for the bigoted extreme-right vote so brazen it was even described as "too much" and "un-British" by Nigel Farage and the Ukippers!)
  • Then there's the fact that Theresa May actually hired the Daily Mail hack who wrote the intimidatory "Enemies of the People" front page story as her press secretary. She clearly thinks that someone so vile that they would abuse and intimidate high court judges for doing their jobs is perfectly fine, as long as he's slinging his abuse and intimidation at her opponents (opposition parties, activists, judges, academics, anyone who stands in the way of her hard-right anti-democratic interpretation of Brexit).
  • Then there's the numerous waves of abuse and death threats hurled at any Tory MP who dares to cast doubt on Theresa May's Brextremism. These grotesque intimidation tactics are used by the extreme-right ultranationalist blue-kipper demographic that Theresa May has welcomed into the Tory party with open arms. She knows that these waves of death threats are being sent by her own supporters, but she's repeatedly turned a blind eye to it, and has chosen instead to declare her concerns about "abuse and intimidation" in the wake of an anti-left fake news story concocted by the regularly abusive hard-right freaks at Breitbart and the Guido Fawkes blog!
So the next time you hear Theresa May expressing her transparently fake concerns over abuse and intimidation in public life, remember that throughout her career she's been willing to utilise intimidation and political abuse to her own ends, even to the extent of hiring the "Enemies of the People" guy as her press secretary!

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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

If the suffragettes were active today they'd be despised by the establishment elitists

This week the political establishment and the right-wing propaganda rags have been celebrating 100 years since the 1918 Representation of the People Act which gave some women the right to vote in General Elections for the first time.

There are several extraordinary things about this celebration. 

The first is that the 1918 Representation of the People Act wasn't an equalisation of voting rights at all, it was a deeply sexist and classist compromise designed to enfranchise a small number of property-owning women from the privileged classes, whilst maintaining the disenfranchisement of millions of ordinary woman.

Yes it was a small step in the right direction, but the way it was done is indicative of the sexist and elitist attitudes that still abound today in British society, and especially in Westminster and the right-wing propaganda rags like the Express, Daily Mail, and S*n.

The next thing to note is that this compromise legislation was only achieved through the sustained political activism of the Suffragettes (a word initially coined by the Daily Mail as a term of abuse).

Make no mistake about it, the political elite and right-wing media who are lauding the achievement of the suffragettes today are exactly the people who would have bitterly despised and disparaged them at the time.

The suffragettes protested noisily and often, they regularly associated with trade unions and left-wing political movements, they interrupted political speeches, they defied the law, they criticised the elitist political establishment, and many of them even resorted to destruction of property and acts of violence in the name of their cause.

As a result they were continually criticised in the press, harassed, arrested, and even fed through tubes that were brutally forced up their noses when they went on hunger strike.
  • Now look at the new Tory drive to criminalise political protest. 

  • Look at the contempt with which the political elite and the right-wing press sneer at modern day activist movements. 
  • Look at the unbridled hatred of trade unions and the political left that pervades the ruling Tory party and the right-wing press. 
  • Look at the barely disguised contempt with which most politicians consider the views of the general public, and the contempt with which right-wing press hacks expect us to believe their campaigns of lies and smears against social progressives and the political left.

  • Look at the contempt with which the Tories deliberately filibustered the debate on votes at sixteen for no other reason that they know that young people won't vote Tory because the Tories have nothing to offer the young except more debt, lower wages, worse services, and more expensive housing and education than any previous generation.
  • Look at the way the Tories and the right-wing press smear the centre-left democratic socialist Jeremy Corbyn as some kind of terrifying extreme-leftist when he's never said anything remotely as militant as Syvia Pankhurst's declaration that she was going to "fight capitalism even if it kills me".

The absolute brass neck of the establishment elitists is extraordinary. They laud the social progressives of the past at the very same time as they despise and disparage the social progressives of the present.

The lesson from 1918 is clear. Society does not advance because powerful elites benevolently choose to improve things on our behalf. It advances because ordinary people stand up and fight for their rights.

And even when pople eventually overcome the combined resistance of the political elitists and the mercenary hacks who do the bidding of the right-wing press barons, the establishment elitists only give away compromises instead of the full freedoms that are demanded.

Every generation must keep up the fight for social justice because when the elitists who rule over and dictate what we see in the media us are not completely indifferent to our suffering, they actively make things worse by erecting new barriers to social mobility, new methods of persecuting the poor, the sick, the young, and the disabled, new curtailments on workers' rights, and new laws designed to silence those who would use facts and evidence to protest against them.

Any generation that gives up on the fight for social justice simultaneously betrays the brave activists who went before them by allowing their achievements to be undone, and betrays the generations who come after them by ensuring that they have to work twice as hard just to make up the ground that was lost during the period of widespread public apathy.

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